by Jane Stuart
Kentucky, U.S.A.

"The rooster crows — has morning come so soon?
The night was full of sleep and many stars"

At early morning, when the rooster crows
we wonder if tonight is really gone
and the sun sails already through small clouds
to warm the sky and tender summer hours.
The rooster crows again to wake his world
and say that "All is well."
All is well is what the sun will say
to the moon and stars, both bright awake,
but sinking into shadow
after night has gone, at first daybreak;
when earth is rinsed by rain,
and candles flicker near our quiet dreams,
when we remember summer days and dreams,
when we hear roars of cockadoodledoo,
a loud wind blowing rain and summer light,
when we wake in the forest of last night.

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