by Jeff Seffinga
Ontario, Canada

Today is a broken promise
                        tomorrow a silent curse
The memories of yesterday just make it worse

Nothing can seem quite as flat
                        as a desert full of night
When we know behind the horizon
                        lies a perfect source of light

There are battered bones in Denver
                        shattered hearts in Montreal
A little town in Idaho has seen it all

We sleep with both ears open
                        with a finger at the wrist
We wait for words from virgin lips
                        that still have not been kissed

With one eye on a microscope
                        and one eye dead and blind
We study traces of the worms inside our mind

We are told that life's for living
                        and that living should be joy
What then wilts the fruiting dreams
                        of every girl and boy

The sun shines down on tropic isles
                        on wastes of ice and snow
But we keep running breathless toward Buffalo

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