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2014 PoetTALK:  Eleanore Kosydar


Westdale Public Library, Hamilton Ontario

February 22, 2014:   TPS President David Billings with Eleanore Kosydar

NOTE: An abridged version of the Kosydar PoetTALK
is available as a prose piece on this website.

Eleanore Kosydar is co-author and co-publisher with her husband Richard
of two colour photographic books
featuring Dundas Valley landscapes:

Natural Landscapes of the Dundas Valley (publ. 1989; out of print) interspersed extensive text with many of the couple's photographs;

The Dundas Valley: Visions of Beauty (publ. 2007) combines numerous, more recent photographs with supporting text.

Her interest in poetry arose out of their first Dundas Valley book. Her journey with poetry has been intimately intertwined with a lifelong love of poetic elements in nature, heightened by her photographer's eye.

A member of TPS for two decades and the Society's webmaster since 2003, a selection of Mrs. Kosydar's poetry and photographs was featured on this site in 2009 under the heading, "Poetry of Spirit and Heart".

Among the audience,
many of whom were poets,
were several photographers
including June Peace (right).

June has travelled widely
and photographed landscapes
in many beautiful natural areas
in various parts of the world.

Her own experiences resonated
with the theme of the presentation.

2013 ARTS DUNDAS CELEBRATIONS:  November 3, 2013

Downtown Dundas, King Street West

TPS Tour Guides Jeff Seffinga and Fran Figge
lead gathered Art Walk tourists along King Street to view
each of the 17 storefront displays of poetry and art.

Beginning the tour with a brief history of the annual
Art Walk collaboration between Tower poets and Carnegie Gallery artists,
the guides paused at each display to read the featured poem aloud
in full view of the art that inspired it.

Below:  Poet Jennifer Tan stands beside the storefront display
where her poem, "Discovery" is framed
beside the artwork by Cora Brittan that inspired it.

II. TPS Poetry Reading, Carnegie Gallery
10 King Street West, Dundas, Ontario

TPS V.P. Jim Tomkins and
Art Walk Tour Guide Fran Figge
read poems for the enjoyment
of the gathered audience
amid inspiring artworks
in the gracious setting
of the Carnegie Gallery.

Past President Valerie Nielsen
introduced the twelve poets
who shared a selection of
their poems for the occasion.

The Poetry Reading was hosted by the Carnegie Gallery
as one of numerous 2013 Arts Dundas celebrations.

Launch of Tower Poetry 62#1:  June 9, 2013

MacNab Presbyterian Church, Hamilton, Ontario


Contributors and guests listen
as poems are read from the
Summer 2013 issue
of Tower Poetry


Editor-in-Chief G.W. Down
invites contributors to read
their work from the new issue.

2013 PoetTALK:  Ellen S. Jaffe

FROM DIARY TO POETRY: Writing as a Process of Transformation

Westdale Public Library, Hamilton Ontario

March 9, 2013:

Versatile and much-published
poet and author, Ellen S. Jaffe
presents the 2013 TPS PoetTALK
to gathered poets and visitors.

In addition to numerous
published works of poetry, fiction,
and a guidebook for writers, Jaffe also
teaches her craft through school and
community programs, including
ones run by Learning/Living
Through the Arts.

An abridged version
of Ellen S. Jaffe's talk
may be viewed and enjoyed
as a prose piece on this website.

Arts Dundas 2012: "Art Walk" celebration

Carnegie Gallery, Dundas, Ontario
November 4, 2012

For more than two decades, Tower poets have collaborated with Carnegie Gallery artists for the annual Arts Dundas "Art Walk" in early November. Normally, TPS members create new poems in response to artworks of their choice, although several years ago the process was reversed (see Artwalk Series V). For two weeks, the paired poems and art are on display in downtown Dundas storefronts for the public's enjoyment in celebration of Arts Dundas.

The culmination of 2012 Arts Dundas events was a festive reading of the newly created "Art Walk" poems in the Gallery.

Above: TPS President Valerie Nielsen invites poets to read their "Art Walk" poetry for the assembled guests.

Left: Joanna Lawson reads two poems created in response to artwork by artist Gillian Song.

Launch of Tower Poetry 61#1:  June 10, 2012

Whitehern Historic House & Garden, Hamilton, Ontario

Above: TPS Editor-in-Chief G.W. Down invites contributors to read their poems
from the Summer 2012 issue of Tower Poetry

Below: TPS members Bernadette Rule (left) and Fran Figge (right)
read their respective poems from the new volume.


G.W. Down introduces
TPS Vice President, Publications
Errol Anderson to the gathering.

V.P. Errol will be M.C.
for the January 2013 launch
of the winter issue of Tower Poetry.

Above: Contributor Ryan Gibbs (centre) travelled from Sarnia with three fellow contributors
to participate in the launch. To either side of Ryan are TPS member contributors
Trevor Camp of Ancaster (far left) and S.J. White of Brantford (far right).

2012 PoetTALK:  Norman Brown, on The Lyric Process

Westdale Public Library, Hamilton Ontario

February 11, 2012:

Drawing on his extensive study of poetry, Past President Norman Brown delved into the nature of poetics for his thought-provoking 2012 PoetTALK. Norman's thespian gifts and passion for his subject enlivened recitations of relevant poems to illustrate his themes.

Following his dynamic presentation, Norman engaged the audience in a brief discussion about poetics.

Launch of Tower Poetry 60#2:  January 16, 2012

Carnegie Gallery, Dundas, Ontario

Distinguished poet James Deahl        

A contingent of Sarnia contributors celebrates the launch of the new issue of Tower Poetry

Venera Fazio

(left to right): Debbie Okun Hill, Norma West Linder and Lynn Tait

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