Poetry Feature Index

A TPS Member's work, featured annually in September

Ed Woods

Diverse Perspectives

September 2013


Stella Mazur Preda

Exploring My World

September 2012


G. W. Down

Elegance, Rhythm and Layers

September 2011


Kathleen M. Lyne

Observations and Musings

September 2010


Eleanore Kosydar

Poetry of Spirit and Heart

September 2009


Chris Butler

Light on Dark

September 2008


Gertrude Olga Down

Image and Verse

September 2007


Joanna Lawson

The Inner Voice

September 2006


Jeff Seffinga

A Life Devoted to Poetry

September 2005


Betty Sanders Garner

Poetry as Spirit and Voice

September 2004


Jean McCallion

TPS Founding Member

September 2003