Cover Art, Tower Poetry

Beautiful cover art has contributed significantly to the popular success of Tower Poetry and its predecessor, The Tower , in the past five decades.

The artistry of SUSAN A. J. DAVIS currently graces the covers of Tower Poetry; her first contribution was for the 2012-13 Winter Issue (Volume 61#2). A member of TPS since 2010, Susan A. J. Davis has been a practicing artist for four decades. Her body of work encompasses painting, sculpture and stained glass, and has been exhibited in a wide variety of venues.


* * * * *

From 2005 until the summer of 2012, Tower Poetry cover art was contributed by Hamilton artist CYNTHIA HILL, owner of the Blue Angel Gallery, 243 James Street North.


* * * * *

Dundas Artist KIM DAVIS created our cover designs from 1990 to 2004. Her work includes garden sculptures, pen and ink renderings and watercolours. Kim's design for Vol.40 No.2 (1991) appears at the top of this page and on the TPS website home page, and illustrates the tower at McMaster University for which The Tower Poetry Society is named.

Kim's lovely artistry graces the cover of the
50th Anniversary Edition of Tower Poetry,
lending Vol.50 No.1 a timeless distinction.

Her artwork also appears on the covers of many issues of Tower Poetry featured elsewhere on this website.

Editor-in-Chief Joanna Lawson presents
Kim Davis with a token of the Society's appreciation for the many illustrations
that Kim has contributed for covers of
Tower Poetry

* * * * *

In the late 1970's and most of the 1980's, TPS President and artist VINCENT FRANCES designed the publication's covers: