by Joanna Lawson
Ontario, Canada

Water dreams of sun and wind
of far away ocean calling quietly
to her wandering soul

She dreams of swimmers in summer
of canoes, kayaks, row boats, and rafts
She dreams of ice roads in winter
when beds remain still and moist
below the ice

ripples of rivers, waves of lakes
tides of ocean move in harmony
with song of lark and gull
chatter of otter, beavers
singing of dolphin, porpoise and whale

Water cries with increasing pollution
mourns death of fish and plankton
dreams of long gone days
before civilization ceased to cradle
her sights, sounds, and blessings

Water dreams of renewal
of pristine shore,
spring's awakening trickle,
summer's glistening splendour
patter or roar of rain's renewal

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