by Chris Butler
Ontario, Canada

I've ducked whining chocolate bullets
    pulled the pin on a minty grenade
    I've licked off cinnamon shrapnel
  daubed my wounds with marmalade

      I've seen caramel coloured tanks
    knock down homes of gingerbread
      watched cracked icing-sugar eyes
          spinning blind on sticky tread

          I've seen dizzy donut people
    flaunting holes, strawberry glazed
            and creamy filling oozing
             from baby-faced parfaits

        I've heard the bon-bons falling
    heard their wrappers crackle loud
      before turning towns to popcorn
      Neither Orville would feel proud

      I've swept hair of twisted licorice
      from a face, marshmallow white
            drained of vibrant colour
        like a slurpee sucked just right

    We fight for keys to the candy store
    for locked within, rich treats galore
  Death dons a grin, swings open door
    while blowing a sweet pink bubble

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