Latest Chapter

by Bernadette Higgins
Maryland, U.S.A.

Simmering in late morning sun, slouched
in a favourite chair. Warm, content, listening

to the well-grooved music of her early adulthood.
A fat Oxford English Dictionary on the floor

within reach. The hard fruit of a horse chestnut
softening in warm soil. The room unpacked.

Finally. Wedding photographs, an overcast day
in England. Her fatherís marbles in a glass.

She thought them lost but there they were,
after his death, in a drawer in the Lancashire barn.

A handful of escapee pseudo pine needles from
the Canadian tree. Put back into her Narnian

wardrobe where the Algonquin pine
hibernates for most of the year. Lantern Wood,

Lantern Jaw, Moose Jaw, visited at various
developmental stages. Ten year warranty, X marks

the spot where it stood in the corner but Christmas
has been cleared away, only non-seasonal

Trinkets left. Recent acquisitions, model of
a Chevrolet Bel Air. Tribute to the latest chapter.


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