by Eleanore Kosydar
Ontario, Canada

The great cold lake sings
her love, caresses
her unlonely shore
laps her softly molded rocky floor

Quiet small pebbles slide
while little birds flit low;
bright sparkle strikes
unsuspecting eye, scintillates surprise!

Lichens splash
a dark boulder orange
and Five Mile Rock floats
above a band of wide-horizon blue.

Great gold moon peers
above the dark horizon,
lake stewn with golden light

Moon lifts higher, turning milky white
dances diamonds at the edge
of moonlight's lovely limpid pool-

Moonlight mere reflection
for a single viewer, ever only one:
a shifting projection to an itinerant eye.

The barest little breeze
ripples the lake today:
white woolly clouds flock
round the oh-so-hot sun

In the bluegrey distance
sawtooth mountains loom
and a near rock, walrus-humped
glistens warm and water-worn

Myriad tiny wavelets twinkle,
sparkling sea of light
and the whole lake's now a mosaic
of bright white lights and deepest blue.


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[NOTE: Tower Poetry 49#2 is out of print]