Poetry Pick


Karen Calaiezzi

In the delicate, soft blowing summer breeze,
The sun shone warmly on my back,
Casting its invitation,
Enticing all to enjoy,

Crickets buzzed happily in the far off distance,
As wind rustled through the leaves,
Plush, green beauty,
Rolling hills,
Takes the breath away,

With its wonderfully decorated accents,
Mosaic mixtures of brightly coloured flowers,
Littering countryside landscapes,
One is magically and mysteriously transformed,

Thoughts of winter seem far from the mind,
But linger behind a masked veil,
Leaving a bitter after taste,
The desire to freeze this frame,
And relive this same summer experience,
Day after day,
Becomes an obsession,

As days beome shorter,
Reality nears,
Leaving a heartfelt sadness,
Wishing time could stand still,
Freezing this frame.

From Butterfly Thunder: A Canadian Anthology of Poetry
(TOPS 2007)


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