Poetry Pick


by Barbara Lefcourt

From damp spring earth
edging wooded lane,
offspring of old companions,
the wildflowers
have come:
demure calypso orchids,
puffy lady's slippers,
coy columbine.

On Great Lake's stony shore,
wet feet sprout into
scattered summer throngs.
Sun-drenched faces greet.
Marsh skullcap waft
mint to my steps.
Harebells nod.
Stands of evening primrose
guard, gazing west.
Blue-eyed grasses stare my way.
Indian paintbrush flourish hellos.

And in season's good time,
blowsy heads of blazing star,
candid fringed gentian,
spiraling ladies tress orchids,
invite me close.

Your virgin colours of
white, blue, yellow,
red, pink, magenta,
your assured, agile ways,
repair my soul,
minister to the shedding
of my dead skin,
are midwives to my rebirth.

From Butterfly Thunder,
A Canadian Anthology of Poetry (2007)


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