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Early Morning Of The First Snow James Deahl (12/07)
Ash Wednesday - 1991 Ellen S. Jaffe (11/07)
When the Deciduous Decide David Hillen (10/07)
Capsule of Time Katherine L. Gordon (09/07)
The Argument of His Book Robert Herrick (08/07)
Trading Sand Dollars Debbie Okun Hill (07/07)
Quiet Lake Joanna Lawson (06/07)
A New Disorder Jayne Berland (05/07)
To Know a Thing Eleanore Kosydar (04/07)
Residue Helen Middleton Amos (03/07)
Waiting Out Winter Jill Solnicki (02/07)
A Winter Picture Agnes Ethelwyn Wetherald (01/07)

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