An annual collaboration of Tower poets
and local Carnegie Gallery artists for Arts Dundas

Poetry and art copyright © the author and the artist, respectively

Artwalk POETRY and ART

Somewhere in Time, by Gloria Marshall

Somewhere in Space

by Soraya Erian

When you know your time is up
you donít spend the instants on lavish meals
serenading narcissistic love
or waltzing into a mirror.

You slice to the center of demons:
you donít argue, beg or commiserate.
Mephistophelesís power dissolves
into a myth of busybodies.

You discover an energy building up
humour lighting the void
a current that swirls you there.

You lose apprehension, admit your folly:
youíre not real but a figment of imagination
so you wonder whose mind you inhabit.

Artwalk X, #6
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