An annual collaboration of Tower poets
and local Carnegie Gallery artists for Arts Dundas

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Artwalk POETRY and ART

Mexico Series #2 Cat Pot, by Eric Brittan*

To the Artist, in Humble Poetic Licence

by S.J. White

Today I saw your thoughts
set down in resin on a canvas
each trimmed with a tinge of rainbows
how orderly they were in careful verticals
and Venetian horizontals

until your thought in orange dominated
coming from a warmer clime
such as would never drop from words
on winter mornings

one of your thoughts lies down as though the sea
and the sky carries all your reminiscences
as hot as the sun of evening leaving
and were there but a single bird
I would suspect… a lost lover

and how lovely the menorahs of your flowers
that left your brush as trivia
as little afterthoughts in yellow
—I sensed your muses dancing

but it is your thought of cat that fascinates
a thought infected I suspect
by hints of sauria and octopoda—
though surely not…it smiles

yet only the suspicion of a shadow anywhere
luminous as introspection
though edged as though there may be inklings
of a sun somewhere

Strange how similar, your thoughts,
to those of friends who think in words
who think in music!

Artwalk X, #5
*Visit the artist's website: Eric Brittan

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