An annual collaboration of Tower poets
and local Carnegie Gallery artists for Arts Dundas

Poetry and art copyright © the author and the artist, respectively

Artwalk POETRY and ART

Delivering Blue Flowers, by Cora Brittan*

Delivering Blue Flowers

by Valerie Nielsen

Hearing the whimsical tones
of “Baby Elephant Walk”
I see a row of playful pachyderms
bopping along to the boogie woogie

they’re painted in technicolour hues
backs aqua heads yellow feet red
all sprinkled with polka dots
intricate designs painstakingly applied
to be washed off each night

the elephants prance on grassy hills
tiny tails clasp massive trunks
steps carefully choreographed
to inner syncopated rhythms

the leader clutches a bouquet
in the crook of his trunk
blue flowers to be delivered
to the palace across the plain

they perform this duty
for love of a princess
who adores delphiniums
so they deliver them daily
they never forget

in focused formation
their tiny eyes shining
they sway their way
in reverent determination

but in their happy haste
the blossoms scatter
petals float upwards
drift into the Indian sky

Artwalk X, #4
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