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The Silver Seven, by Gillian Song*

Gillian Song — "The Silver Seven"

Ottawa Stanley Cup winners 1903-1906

by Joanna Lawson

Picture etched on wood
team of seven, 3 offence, 2 defence,
goalie, rover and coach

skates, and sticks prominent
old uniforms rounds of black and white
Cup with small base squats in clear view

team named for silver nuggets
gifts to an amateur group
names, games, goals in history books

that tell of slushy and water-covered ice
of sticks that slash wrists, and hands
that trip and compile injuries proudly

so much has changed but—
skates still swish on ice
crowd roars, coaches yell

whistles pierce the air
pucks crack on sticks
and goalies contort for saves

stats are on computers
team boxes are full of players, and
winning teams still pose with heavy cup

pictures memorialize teams in books and on the web.

Artwalk X, #3
*Read about artist Gillian Song

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