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and local Carnegie Gallery artists for Arts Dundas

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Peacock Covert, by Margaret Peter*

Peacock Covert

by Jim Tomkins

A remnant of male ostentation.
A cooling, caressing
plume in a courtesanís fan.
A flaming, flamboyant
feather on a fine ladyís hat.
A scribbling, satirizing
quill in a gentlemanís inkwell.
The original attached adornment
in the birdís strutting display.
Always overt.

Now the luster has faded
from the aqua coloured heart
bleeding teal, green to indigo.
Grey tendrils straggle down,
frayed strands droop, disconsolately.
Clumped browns, forestlike,
sag from the core, bereft.
The tail dims golds to beige
fine strands, like black quills
denote the peacockís fate
now, forever, covert.
Encased under glass.

Artwalk X, #2
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