An annual collaboration of Tower poets
and local Carnegie Gallery artists for Arts Dundas

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Artwalk POETRY and ART

untitled, by Wesley Bates*

The Salt of the Earth

by John Corvese

The unyielding rays of the sun penetrate
the thin fabric of the curtains.
They fill her room with rebellious light.
The old woman rises with reluctance
and finds strength to face the day.

She limps to the porch and gazes at the winter sky.
An arrow of geese dash south on their journey
to safety. All alone! Who will care for me?
Who will fix my hair and caress my bruised skin?
Who will place entries in my diary?
Who will wrap my wounds of battle in bandages?
Who will fill my ache with love? No one!

Must feed the stock.
She drags her unwilling body to the field
near the barn and fills the bin with grain.
Her head bowed with pain she does the daily task.

She pleads to God. Listen closely.
Listen to my heroic hunger.
My heart is open and meant for loving exercise.
I do not fear Jerusalem. Do not leave me helpless.

Artwalk X, #1
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