An annual collaboration of Tower poets and and local Carnegie Gallery artists
for Arts Dundas, held each November in Dundas, Ontario

Poetry and art copyright © the author and the artist, respectively

Artwalk POETRY and ART


Artwalk Series VIII, #10:          

Blue Cool

by Jeff Seffinga

inspired by Blue Roots,
    artist Lorraine Roy

Visit artist's website:

Artwalk Series VIII, #9:          

Reflections of a Stilted Man

by Norman Brown

inspired by figure contemplating pots,
    artist Rae Bates

Artwalk Series VIII, #8:          

Moving Day

by Ellen B. Ryan

inspired by Moving Day,
    artist Myrna Putns

Artwalk Series VIII, #7:          


by Kimberley Dawn

inspired by Dragonfly,
    artist Margaret Peter

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Artwalk Series VIII, #6:          

For Gaia

by Eleanore Kosydar

inspired by Feather Trees and Earth Rhythms,
    artist Cora Brittan

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Artwalk Series VIII, #5:          

Wedding Day

by Jennifer Tan

inspired by Spring Flowers,
    artist Marcela Prikryl

Artwalk Series VIII, #4:          

This river runs deep

by Soraya Erian

inspired by Michigan Rapids,
    artist Lynn Macintyre

Visit artist's website: Lynn Macintyre
Visit poet's website: Soraya Erian

Artwalk Series VIII, #3:          

That Sad Woman

by Rhoda Hassmann

inspired by Alison,
    artist Katherine MacDonald

Artwalk Series VIII, #2:          

Ohne Titel

by Marianne Vespry

inspired by Ohne Titel #3,
    artist Karen Thiessen

Visit artist's website: Karen Thiessen

Artwalk Series VIII, #1:          

Evening, Bruce Trail

by Ed Woods

inspired by Evening, Bruce Trail,
    artist Janusz Wrobel

Visit artist's website: Janusz Wrobel

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