An annual collaboration of Tower poets and and local Carnegie Gallery artists
for Arts Dundas, held each November in Dundas, Ontario

Poetry and art copyright © the author and the artist, respectively

Artwalk POETRY and ART


Artwalk Series VII, #11:          

Intimate Spaces

by Eleanore Kosydar

inspired by Maple,
    artist Pat Kozowyk

Artwalk Series VII, #10:          

Thanksgiving Dinner

by Jeff Seffinga

inspired by Dishdrain,
    artist Patricia Peacock-Evans

Artwalk Series VII, #9:          

The Blue Teapot

by Marianne Vespry

inspired by a Deborah Doran teapot (left)

Artwalk Series VII, #8:          

something dark dances widdershins
in my soul

by Norman Brown

inspired by Phantasmagoria,
    artist Monika Shedden

Artwalk Series VII, #7:          

Collateral Damage

by Paddy Chitty

inspired by Nail Polish,
    artist Patricia Peacock Evans

Artwalk Series VII, #6:          

Doing the Rounds
in a Japanese Garden

by Ellen B. Ryan

inspired by Black Circle Hanging,
    artist Renate Min-oo

Visit artist's website: Renate Min-oo

Artwalk Series VII, #5:          


by Stella Mazur Preda

inspired by The Great Canadian Shield,
    artist Janusz Wrobel

Visit artist's website: Janusz Wrobel

Artwalk Series VII, #4:          

Pro Patria Mori

by John Corvese

inspired by Churchyard Symmetry,
    artist Lynn Macintyre

Visit artist's website: Lynn Macintyre

Artwalk Series VII, #3:          

Voyage to the Centre

by Soraya Erian

Visit poet's website:

inspired by Catherine,
    artist Katherine MacDonald

Artwalk Series VII, #2:          

A Little Love Note

by Jean McCallion

inspired by A Little Love Note,
    artist Gise Trauttmansdorff

Visit artist's website: Gise Trauttmansdorff

Artwalk Series VII, #1:          

The Portrait

by Wilma Seville

inspired by Self Portrait,
    artist Patricia Peacock Evans

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