An annual collaboration of Tower poets and and local Carnegie Gallery artists
for Arts Dundas, held each November in Dundas, Ontario

Poetry and art copyright © the author and the artist, respectively

Artwalk POETRY and ART

INDEX, Series V

Artwalk Series V, #6:          


Power Surge

    artist:  Janusz Wrobel

inspired by

Power Struggle

    poet:  Chris Butler


Artwalk Series V, #5:          


Tough Roots

    artist:  Lorraine Roy

inspired by

Tough Roots

    poet:  Jean McCallion


Artwalk Series V, #4:          



    artist:  Bev Rippon

inspired by

Today, My Daughter's Rounded Belly

    poet:  Soraya Erian


Artwalk Series V, #3:          


By Cranberry Bog

    artist:  Lynn Macintyre

inspired by

Colour It Granite

    poet:  Jean McCallion


Artwalk Series V, #2:          


40 South Circular Road

    artist:  Marcela Prikryl

inspired by

A Traveller's Guide to Ireland

    poet:  Leslie Casey


Artwalk Series V, #1:          


Arctic Reflections

    artist:  Danuta Kamocki

inspired by

Arctic Reflections

    poet:  Stella Mazur Preda


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