An annual collaboration of Tower poets and and local Carnegie Gallery artists
for Arts Dundas, held each November in Dundas, Ontario

Poetry and art copyright © the author and the artist, respectively

Artwalk POETRY and ART

INDEX, Series IX

Artwalk Series IX, #7:          

A Growing Thirst

by Jennifer Tan

inspired by artist Helen Ness, Out of Control

Artwalk Series IX, #6:          

Raku Letter

by Jim Tomkins

inspired by artist Gise Trauttmansdorff, Better Late Than Never

Visit artist's website: Gise Trauttmansdorff

Artwalk Series IX, #5:          

A Flower in My Hair

by Kimberley Dawn

inspired by artist Christel Wille, untitled

Artwalk Series IX, #4:          


by Errol R. Anderson

inspired by artist Janusz Wrobel, Ferns

Visit artist's website: Janusz Wrobel

Artwalk Series IX, #3:          

wish you were here

by Valerie Nielsen

inspired by artist Myrna Putns, Canals of Venice

Artwalk Series IX, #2:          

Lovers' Serenade

by Soraya Erian

inspired by artist Wes Bates, untitled

Visit artist's website: Wesley Bates

Artwalk Series IX, #1:          

The Inhumanity of Keeping
Landscapes Captive in a Frame

by S.J. White

inspired by artist Donna Ibing, Sunset

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