Canada's Oldest Poetry Society
Celebrates 60 Years

of publishing
and promoting poetry

About Longstanding Pine

"The sixty poets included in this celebratory anthology
were all at some time members of Tower Poetry Society
in the ten years since our fiftieth celebration.

All the poems collected here appeared in Tower Poetry during that time (except for one which saw its first publication on our website).

No poet, whether accomplished or starting out,
has more than one poem included. As the selector
I chose a poem that I found representative of that poet,
and thereby Tower and its membership."

— Jeff Seffinga, editor

To order a copy of Longstanding Pine
please provide your postal address and send
a cheque or money order for $12* payable in Canadian funds
*(price includes postage) to:

Tower Poetry Society
27 Legend Court
P.O. Box 10148
Ancaster, Ontario
L9K 1P3

Jeff Seffinga, Editor of Longstanding Pine,
looks on as TPS member Dinh Le Doan reads
his poem, "Colours of Grey" from the anthology.

Dinh travelled from his home in Beaconsfield, Quebec
to take part in the Anniversary celebrations.

I am thrilled to be President of the Tower Poetry at this auspicious time. It is especially meaningful for me to be honoured this way. As a young girl, I remember my mother going to Tower meetings. In those early days, a handful of people gathered at McMaster University, where the actual Tower was one of the prominent features. Now the Tower Poetry Society has grown and flourished, just as the University has. I am grateful that Tower has carried on so steadfastly all these years, giving poetry a place of prominence in the community. It is heartwarming to know that there is a time and a place, and most importantly, a group of dedicated writers who come together regularly to share their passion for poetry.

Our GALA CELEBRATION was held on Sunday, OCTOBER 23, 2011. On that occasion we launched a commemorative anthology containing a selection of poems from our published work of the past decade. There were honoured guests, readings from the new anthology, books for sale and live music. We invite you to celebrate with us through the pages of Longstanding Pine.

— TPS President Valerie Nielsen

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gala celebration

President Valerie Nielsen (right) and
founding member Jean McCallion
cut the anniversary cake