Canada's Oldest Poetry Society Celebrates
50 Years of Dedication to Poetry in 2001

"Maybe it's because poetry has taken me to profound places
in my own quotidian existence. And maybe it's because everyday
at least one of our listeners writes in with a story about how
poetry flung them out of despair, heightened their bliss, or,
and most significantly, expressed the inexpressible.
Maybe it's because I share a name with your founder
(my middle name is Sutherland)! I am delighted to wish you
Happy Golden Anniversary and continued success
in the important and joyful work you are doing."

Shelagh Rogers
CBC Radio One host and
TPS Honourary Patron 2001

Tower Poetry Society 50th Anniversary celebrations began with a public lecture by Poet John B. Lee on the theme of ROOTS at the Carnegie Gallery in Dundas.

TPS Members &
Honourary Patron Shelagh Rogers
at the Society's 50th Anniversary Dinner

Friday, June 8, 2001 was an evening of fabulous food and friendship
at Hamilton's Hillcrest Restaurant. A social hour, followed by
a sumptuous meal set the stage for some inspiring reflections about poetry.
Honourary Patron Shelagh Rogers spoke briefly about the vitality of Canadian poetry,
and guest speaker Dr. John Ferns of McMaster University talked about "Poetry in the 21st Century".


CBC Radio host and TPS Honourary Patron Shelagh Rogers addresses an appreciative audience.


It was not all looking back.
Dr. John Ferns, professor of English at McMaster University delivered an address about the next century of poetry.


Jean McCallion is awarded an Honourary Life Membership by TPS President Peter Bowman.


Here's a rare sight: a table of
well-fed poets.


Book Launch:
Tower Poetry, 50th Anniversary Edition
Vol.50 No.1

Imagineó fifty years of publishing! Now, that's something to celebrate!

And so it was with the June gala at the Art Gallery of Hamilton.
Music by The Jamie Shea Trio began at 7 p.m.
Readings highlighted the poets and the poetry featured in the
special expanded 50th Anniversary Edition of Tower Poetry.
All poems in this edition relate to three relevant themes:
Roots, Timelessness and Celebrations.


Book signings were the order of the evening at the Tower Poetry 50th Anniversary book launch.


Betty Sanders Garner reads selections from her contributions to
Tower Poetry.


Roomsfull of people all talking poetry at the Art Gallery of Hamilton.


Launch master of ceremonies
Jeff Seffinga leads off readings by the TPS-spinoff poetry performance group Radish.


Always working, Trudi Down graces the beautifully arranged book table at the 50th Anniversary Issue launch of Tower Poetry.